Kara’s Cupcakes

There are still so many gluten free items to discover in the Bay Area. I don’t have enough time to go everywhere and I also have no room in my body to eat all of them! I don’t want to follow the flow and besides I want to control my desires to taste new things because usually they are high in sugar level…

I also like to find new things spontaneously instead of going exactly to find what was I looking for… it’s totally different type of joy for me..¬†It was something like that when I was in Marina the other day. Continue reading


Los Cabos

First summer away from my country was the toughest experience in this whole year.

Summer means sun, sea and a sunburned skin color! none of them were with me until August. It was hard to resist.. seeing all the pictures in Facebook, people are going to the beaches where actually you can sunbath unlike fake Californian beaches where you get chilly.So we wanted to arrange a vacation where we can just have summer and that’s it…

Mexico is one of the places in our top ten list of countries to go. So we picked up Los Cabos for our destination.

As a celiac person I wanted to choose a place where I can easily find something to eat. And as a person who loves Mexican food I thought there is going to be no problem except Spanish ūüôā

We chose Hilton Los Cabos to stay for six nights. I loved the hotel and people who work there. I found not only something eat but instead I ate one of the most amazing dishes I have never tasted. Continue reading

5 GF places I want to eat

Risotteria NY


Berretta SF


Petit Cafe NY


S’mac NY


Va de Vi SF


Most of my list¬†inspired from reading Crazy Allergy Girl blog and made me hungry at this time of the night! And I am also thinking how hard to do diet when you have celiac.. I must find a way to get away with these yummies! Maybe planning a NY trip is not a good idea at all! we’ll see…

Good night…

Tres Agaves: A gluten free Mexican restaurant

It’s been my pleasure to go to Tres Agaves since I have discovered that 99% of their menu gluten free… Since I am eating too much main dishes I already don’t care having desserts with gluten…

So great to eat safe corn chips with fresh¬†guacamole¬†and salsa…I love their tacos which is 100% gluten free and grilled beef is my second choice but if you like pork they are the best even though it is little bit greasy..And of course I love love love their¬†Margaritas they are my best in town… It is so easy to drink and it is so tasty..


Enjoyable place and perfect place to go as a large group of people also…

Dosa in Fillmore

If you ever come to San Francisco! Please do not go without going to Indian restaurant Dosa in Fillmore…

I love Indian food and it is safer for me because of their ingredients mostly gluten free.

But Dosa has a nutritional menu which states both gluten free and vegan options.

I never thought I could even eat their famous dosas but I was very happy to learn that they are gluten free also made from garbanzo flour. Continue reading

Coast Cafe in Bolinas

Have u every traveled to Bolinas? which is in Northern part of Bay Area and there are not so many things to see but I am sure you can enjoy your day just lying in the beach and having a great¬†breakfast¬†or lunch… We went with couple of friends to spend the Saturday and we ate, we played and saw many interesting places…

First stop was the Coast Cafe which is a quite big and cozy place to start a day… I ate one the best scramble eggs with spinach, feta cheese and tomatoes. They are super kind to do gluten free meals and changing the ingredients.. I would recommend the artichoke scramble eggs which is grown locally and taste so good…

You can check their menu from here: http://www.bolinascafe.com/menu-breakfast.html

French Meadow Bakery

French Meadow Bakery has an online survey about gluten free lifestyle of people… You can get a $2 coupon if you fill out the survey.. I think it’s worthy.. you can find their product list here http://www.frenchmeadow.com/products/gluten-free and check out the locations from their website…