Los Cabos

First summer away from my country was the toughest experience in this whole year.

Summer means sun, sea and a sunburned skin color! none of them were with me until August. It was hard to resist.. seeing all the pictures in Facebook, people are going to the beaches where actually you can sunbath unlike fake Californian beaches where you get chilly.So we wanted to arrange a vacation where we can just have summer and that’s it…

Mexico is one of the places in our top ten list of countries to go. So we picked up Los Cabos for our destination.

As a celiac person I wanted to choose a place where I can easily find something to eat. And as a person who loves Mexican food I thought there is going to be no problem except Spanish ūüôā

We chose Hilton Los Cabos to stay for six nights. I loved the hotel and people who work there. I found not only something eat but instead I ate one of the most amazing dishes I have never tasted.

We ate mostly in the main restaurant called El Meson. The patron of the restaurant Luis was perfect in terms of my allergies. He was always smiley and helpful about my condition. I had no problem at all eating whatever I want in the menu.

To list my favorite items

1. Cheso Fundido

2. Blue corn tortillas

3. Chicken Quesadillas

4. Scallops wrapped in prosciutto

5. Grilled seabass

The other restaurant in the hotel is Fenicia which is more¬†Mediterranean¬†cuisine. I ate an incredible appetizer which was scallops wrapped in prosciutto and had a sauce with almond, chili and peppers… it is not possible to describe! you have to taste it… and the seabass with leeks and sweet patato was also increbile… We even had a desert which was also gluten free¬†souffl√© with rosemary ice cream. ¬†Sorry but the food was so amazing I totally forgot to take pictures!

Queso Fundido

Of course, there were¬†plenty¬†of other thing we ate. Corn chips,¬†guacamoles¬†tones of salsas with a frozen Margaritas are my favorite combination in a vacation! what can I ask more? nothing… We even saw a small beach wedding which was very cute!

Salsas and Guacamoles

Frozen Lime Margarita

I loved the taste of green tomatoes there and I want to try here if I find somewhere…

Thank you Hilton Los Cabos for this lovely vacation! we sure want to come back any time soon!


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