Baby showering…

I was born to organize parties and events even though I can’t deal with stress and deadlines very well… Actually I get things at the right time but that period of time is absolutely not my favorite… But I love love organizing and planning things… And seeing the end result is just the part of the joy I get from these events.. Writing in scratch papers, doing grocery plans, writing down my daily plan is incredibly fun for me! So every time we go to a vacation I have to write all the days and write my outfits by time of the each day… So I can limit my luggage weight little bit! but still I am not a perfect luggage maker yet…

So Baby Shower is really not my expertise but one of my closest friend’s was having a baby so I was jumped to take the responsibly and start organizing things in three weeks! Continue reading


It’s crepes day!

So hard to find energy in these days and do everything I need to do. Summer time in SF is almost over and I am writing during a totally depressing day with lots but lots of rain… After reading all my favorite blogs, I found enough energy to write what I had in my mind for a long time…

Regular crepes were also off limits for people who are in gluten free diets. And I was not sure that I could do easy one with not so many ingredients. It always makes me lazy when I see an incredible picture of a meal and than look their recipe and I get scared of all the ingredients they use.. It is always pain to have exact same ingredients with the internet recipes for gluten free items especially. That’s why I make my own recipes and not rely on them… I sometimes dream about bloggers to send those ingredients to me and I just make it that recipe at home.. why not?  Continue reading

Spaghetti Di Mare

Spaghetti Di Mare

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A new Italian chef came to our house this summer! Who doesn’t like Italians and Italian food? As a person who raised by Italians I am totally in to Italian food.. any kind.. from pizza to ice cream.. every flavor they have, is bringing a miracle to my food journey…

After celiac disease one of the most challenging part was not being able to eat Italian food outside as much as I was eating before… Of course risotto was fine but still a hot pizza or spaghetti were my top choices…
So when the gourmet chef came to house, he decided to cook the Spaghetti Di Mare which means it contains sea food inside the pasta. We put whatever we liked and mixed with GF brown rice spaghetti.

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More Gluten free Turkish dishes

As you knew me more you will notice that I love Turkish food and I miss all of them while I am here in Bay Area. Although we have many options here to eat Turkish food they are not the same at all. I am so sorry for foreign people who is tasting the Turkish food for the first time here… Today I am going to tell you my Turkish recipe of a very traditional dish in Turkey…Kuru Fasulye Continue reading

First Rice Pudding

Puddings are very popular in my country. We like to eat them usually after dinner and they are pretty light deserts if you don’t eat them with ice cream 🙂  So do you know what is this in the picture? Read to learn…

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Gluten free Lahmacun

It’s been long time that I am on a gluten free diet. I don’t really miss all the breads, cookies, traditional desserts (except Baklava) but I really miss some Turkish dishes which are very traditional and Turkish! 🙂 they called LahmacunContinue reading

Artichoke lovers here!

So I am a huge fan of artichokes.. it was so hard to live without them in Bay Area. I can hear now your voice saying “we have artichoke every season” but sorry guys, we have a better version of it in Turkey… much more easier to make and eat… Anyway, one day I couldn’t resist anymore to my Artichoke starvation and I cooked in American version and eat it.. but if you have chance to at Turkish version you will enjoy much more having artichoke dish I promise…

So here is a good explanation I found on the internet and you may realize the difference so quick..they are pre-pealed by hand and who does that? of course lovely people in Turkish supermarkets! I would never understand their value to this dish if I was not here… Continue reading