Kara’s Cupcakes

There are still so many gluten free items to discover in the Bay Area. I don’t have enough time to go everywhere and I also have no room in my body to eat all of them! I don’t want to follow the flow and besides I want to control my desires to taste new things because usually they are high in sugar level…

I also like to find new things spontaneously instead of going exactly to find what was I looking for… it’s totally different type of joy for me.. It was something like that when I was in Marina the other day.

I was just having lunch and remembered that Kara’s cupcakes’ had gluten free cupcakes! yay! I loved the store’s decoration and its coziness… The packaging of cupcakes were also so cute! and lastly, the taste of the chocolate cupcake was amazing…

Hope you have someday to try these yummy cupcakes! I can’t wait to go there again..

By the way, I never thought I could find something else to eat that day gluten free but! hold on! the Chestnut Bakery had gluten free items too! I couldn’t resist of course and bought their chocolate chip banana bread! I was amazed by the taste and it was not soo sweet which is a huge plus! so it was very productive gluten free day for me!


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