Bossa Nova-Brazilian Market

One of the best things Berkeley made us to explore is Brazilian culture. We met so many people we loved and many of them were very similar in their way of communication and their beliefs as a human. It was so funny to discover that we were so similar with them although Turkey is so far away from Brazil. I had so much fun with Brazilians as well as eating their food too. I discovered that they are actually very gluten friendly cuisine…

So my friend took me to Brazilian market in Berkeley called Bossa Nova. Even the supermarket was so similar to Turkish design and atmosphere. So I bought the best things I liked…

All Gluten free!

My favorite Brazilian goods:

1. Pao de Queijo

2. Brigadeiros

3. Coconut Brigaderios (beijinho)

4. Guarana

So I bought a lot of these and the good thing is everything in the store was marked down if it has gluten or not.

The drink is Guarana, very traditional soft drink of Brazil made from Guarana fruit.

Potato chips are sliced potatoes, Suspira is like merenges which is also very Turkish sweet.

I also bought Nestle’s prepared brigaderios and cheese bread! Pao de Queijos!

So easy to live in Brazil! So even though I tried Pao de Queijo (cheese bread) it was not like the I bought from the supermarket. This frozen ones are incredibly tasty and easy to prepare!

Pao de Queijos!


We ate potato chips with meat which is very similar to Turkish meal

Enjoy this amazing cuisine wherever you find it! It is so good to have them as a naturally gluten free food!


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