Udi’s blueberry muffins

In these days, it is so hard to make a decision to bake or cook… Because the recipes are for larger portions and I really do not need any more weight in my body! It is waste of time and energy after eating that much.. But, we are human and we need to taste different things in order to have joy in our lives! sad but it’s true.. food make me have fun in this life.. I am not ashamed but have to confess that it bothers me sometimes…

Anyway, enough with the psychology, let’s get back to our subject. So when the subject comes to muffins and cupcakes, I just stare at the perfect pictures of many many blogs I love. And then I am having hard time to ignore not to make them… Because I know if I make them I will eat just by myself.. I don’t understand what are boys having with sweet thing but they just don’t crave like girls! weird!

So most of the time I decide not to bake and then just crave for a muffin.. I was not sure about frozen food before I discovered Udi’s muffins. They are incredibly tasty when you heat them little bit in microwave. And you don’t have to unfreeze all of the package to eat only one.. And they can last up to 1 month in the freezer so it is perfect solution to my problem! Since I love love blueberries I bought and tried to consume as slow as possible! now I don’t have to worry when I want a muffin or when I am too lazy to find out all the ingredients to make just a simple muffin!

They are also easy to carry in a food bag and to bring everywhere you go..maybe to a breakfast that you may not find something for you… try it, you will love it!

Promise by a dessert addict