Baby showering…

I was born to organize parties and events even though I can’t deal with stress and deadlines very well… Actually I get things at the right time but that period of time is absolutely not my favorite… But I love love organizing and planning things… And seeing the end result is just the part of the joy I get from these events.. Writing in scratch papers, doing grocery plans, writing down my daily plan is incredibly fun for me! So every time we go to a vacation I have to write all the days and write my outfits by time of the each day… So I can limit my luggage weight little bit! but still I am not a perfect luggage maker yet…

So Baby Shower is really not my expertise but one of my closest friend’s was having a baby so I was jumped to take the responsibly and start organizing things in three weeks!

Since she is having a girl, it has to be pink driven party and maybe something in white… I had to decide the menu and the decorations to start organizing… Cupcakes were my first choice for a sweet and than chocolate was another must in my list… So I wanted to give a try to something I was thinking for a while.. Cake Balls!!!

It is so hard to explain why but they are just so cute and drives people to try! Since I had no idea about icing, melting chocolate, decoration muffins or cakes it was a big challenge for me..  But good thing is I survived and we loved how it looked and tasted…

I used Pamela’s Chocolate Cake mix for the chocolate cake instead of the regular cakes with gluten.

Cherrybrook Kitchen for icing (I got this from Whole Foods)

Milton’s pink candies for dipping (I found them in Party City)

Ghirardelli White chocolates for white dipping

I followed the recipe of Pioneer Woman and decorated as I can make for a baby shower. So I added some pink sprinkles but they were not seen much in the pictures….

I bought the sticks in Party City.

Recipe for Gluten Free Cake Balls:

1 Pack of Pamela’s Chocolate Cake Mix

1 can of gluten free icing/frosting

1 pack of Wilton’s pink colored candies for melting

1 pack of Ghirardelli white chocolate for melting

After you bake the cake according to the package instruction you wait until when it’s cooled down.

You make the cake crumble and mix with gluten free icing can.

Make cake balls and wait them in freezer for at least 1 hour.

After you melt the candies and chocolates you can start dipping them and decorate as you would like to! And let them set aside on a parchment paper for a while. You can keep them in the fridge for days… They taste so good that everybody loved them!

So I loved to make with these cake balls  especially because of the attraction:)))
Enjoy your week!

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