Gluten free dining in LA

It was my second time in LA this year. I think this is one of the best places to eat gluten free outside and inside. The options are huge.. The Sensitive Bakery, Pizza Fusion, Whole Foods, Outback Steakhouse are the first things coming to my mind.

Whole Foods was way bigger than the one here in Berkeley. And the gluten free options were much more than here. I couldn’t try so many new brands but I enjoyed just looking how brands can be creative while thinking gluten free items. The other thing is the Authentic Foods’ options were available in Whole Foods where here I only find them in a local bakery. I think I can live easily in LA!.. I envy people in LA who are gluten free! but no complains! since my experience in Turkey is still way limited than here!

So my best place was Pizza Fusion in Hollywood. I liked there thin crust made by themselves with bean flour and other ingredients. I liked their veggie pizza with mushrooms, zucchini, peppers and artichoke hearts… They even had gluten free beer in their menu. So if you are around there just go and have a great meal with no worries for your allergies! their eco-friendly environment is also impressing but that also makes them casual which I liked..

Here is the picture of the pizza…


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