Congrats to Chelsea!

Last week from US to Turkey everyone was talking Chelsea Clinton’s wedding. No matter who is invited or not the food was the main topic in everybody’s mind… It was the first well know person who had that kind of publicity before the wedding about its gluten allergy and vegan diet. I really admired how she handled the catering all gluten free.
I am now thinking that if I do a wedding gluten free and do not tell anybody they would love what they eat but if I say to them they will not.. I don’t know this observation is 100% right and applicable to all people but I must say there is a great prejudice about our food!
About the cake! it’s one of the most important element in the weddings… I must say I don’t care the food but the cake… I wish I can do it secretly my wedding cake GF too! The cake of Chelsea was from La Tulipe Bakery NY…
So thanks to Chelsea now there is a great rumor about the cake, gluten free and vegan diet. I hope more people choose to give alernative to the allergies during all the events they do. And more people take care of their diets and do not feel ashamed of them…
Be cool. Almost everyone I know has a stomach problem, has a digestion problem but no one is willing to cut what they eat.. Is eating that important? what is the feeling behind? Hard questions I know.. I did not think these before I got celiac and now I am feeling much happier than the first times of my diet. I just feel that I take care of myself and my body and no one is allowed to judge for what I do for myself!
I will definetly do my “dream” wedding menu…even though it’s hard to implement..

Happy Monday!

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