5 GF places I want to eat

Risotteria NY


Berretta SF


Petit Cafe NY


S’mac NY


Va de Vi SF


Most of my list inspired from reading Crazy Allergy Girl blog and made me hungry at this time of the night! And I am also thinking how hard to do diet when you have celiac.. I must find a way to get away with these yummies! Maybe planning a NY trip is not a good idea at all! we’ll see…

Good night…


Tres Agaves: A gluten free Mexican restaurant

It’s been my pleasure to go to Tres Agaves since I have discovered that 99% of their menu gluten free… Since I am eating too much main dishes I already don’t care having desserts with gluten…

So great to eat safe corn chips with fresh guacamole and salsa…I love their tacos which is 100% gluten free and grilled beef is my second choice but if you like pork they are the best even though it is little bit greasy..And of course I love love love their Margaritas they are my best in town… It is so easy to drink and it is so tasty..


Enjoyable place and perfect place to go as a large group of people also…