First Rice Pudding

Puddings are very popular in my country. We like to eat them usually after dinner and they are pretty light deserts if you don’t eat them with ice cream 🙂  So do you know what is this in the picture? Read to learn…


Gum mastic is a traditional Mediterranean ingredient for many things especially for desserts. It is very strong spice and hard to find in USA. So I brought mine to try some pudding recipes. If you ever want to try this recipe you can skip the gum mastic and just enjoy the rice pudding with a spoon of chocolate ice cream. But I found online Greek brand you can buy…

I like to learn how to decorate foods so I tried to cut a piece of paper in shape of my and my beloved’s first letters on top of the rice pudding with cinnamon. I had to try first on a napkin if I did right 🙂 I recommend you if you are amateur like me…

Here is the recipe:


4 cups of soy or rice/regular milk

1 cup of rice flour

2 pieces of gum mastic (crushed)

1 1/2 cup of granulated sugar


Combine milk, rice flour, and sugar in a saucepan and stir constantly in a medium heat. After it gets thicker put the gum mastic and turn off oven and mix it with a hand mixer for about 5 minutes. Than put in different bowls or like me use your Pyrex pot to look like a whole desert 🙂 and eat by cutting into pieces…You should wait until it gets cooled down and maybe put it into fridge before eating. If you do not decorate  like me just add some cinnamon according to your taste and desire.

If you want to check NON gluten free version of it I love Cafe Fernando’s all recipes so you can also see a better picture of it! And usually put in different bowls like he did!

Thanks for reading!

*Photo of gum mastic taken by Old Masters Maroger website.


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