Artichoke lovers here!

So I am a huge fan of artichokes.. it was so hard to live without them in Bay Area. I can hear now your voice saying “we have artichoke every season” but sorry guys, we have a better version of it in Turkey… much more easier to make and eat… Anyway, one day I couldn’t resist anymore to my Artichoke starvation and I cooked in American version and eat it.. but if you have chance to at Turkish version you will enjoy much more having artichoke dish I promise…

So here is a good explanation I found on the internet and you may realize the difference so quick..they are pre-pealed by hand and who does that? of course lovely people in Turkish supermarkets! I would never understand their value to this dish if I was not here…

My recipe is easy to make and eat but again I will write it for you..

Cut off the top inch from artichoke and cut leaves that are damaged or darker..

Boild artichokes about 30-35 minutes until they are tender

Drain them well and put into the dressing you like.

For the dressing I used:

Olive oil



Squeezed lemon juice

After getting the artichokes from the boil, you can put the dressing on and voila! you should be only careful while eating cleaning the flowers in the middle of the actual artichoke fruit… enjoy!


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