Coconut macaroons

I know I was lazy in these two months but I will make this time up..promise! Meanwhile my energy to discover new gluten free food ideas and new launch products did not change at all! In fact I discovered many recipes as well as many new products on supermarkets..

May is the month of Celiac awareness so I have to get back to talk about more and more so people can learn and help us for our concerns.. Here is a good explanation of how Celiac disease founded..

I was not fan of coconut at all.. Everybody was eating “Bounty” chocolate covered coconut bars with great enthusiasm. However now maybe my taste changed as year passed and I love coconut by all means.. I love coconut milk and every soup made with it.. So macaroons were my first easiest recipe with coconut which was worth it to try.. Elena’s Pantry is one of my first destination when I look to a recipe and they were right there when I looked… Great recipe and it gave me exactly what I need… Using Agave is my tradition now on since I have to care about the sugar I eat.. I am so afraid of sugary items I started to eat and all the carbs I started to eat with Celiac…

Anyway I suggest you try and make your own combination with the recipe… I am sure you will love them and make it again.. It is very easy and quick recipe.. here is the original recipe:

Coconut Macaroons recipe:

6 egg whites
¼ teaspoon sea salt
½ cup Agave
1 tablespoon vanilla
3 cups shredded coconut

Whisk egg whites and salt until it is really foamy and combine with agave, vanilla and coconut. I took with ice cream spoon and put to the parchment baking sheet one by one.  Bake at 350F for 10-15 minutes and take them when they get lightly browned. Enjoy while they are hot or cold! Both way is great!

Cheers.. and happy to be here again..


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