gluten free hamburgers

Whole Foods is one the best groceries in Bay Area. It is pretty much everywhere and very easy to shop for gluten allergy. Everything is labelled properly and there are plenty of choices you can buy. Also the people who work there are very polite and helpful about my concerns.

You can find more information from their website:

Whole Foods is actually having a gluten free bakery.. They are the best bread brand I have ever eat in my gluten free life! When I found the gluten free burger buns I had to try them immediately! one thing that I miss having easy lunch by just having a burger! of course not from Mc Donald’s… 🙂

I have also bought Whole foods’ burgers which may not be 100% gluten free because it is not written in the label but I believed their ingredients so I bought it.

To prepare the burgers I just used burger, slice of cheddar cheese, tomatoes, lettuce, and avocados.

You can also put some ketchup and mustard on it… I also heated the buns before using it which was tastier than its cold version. I guess for all gluten free breads this heating rule is applicable.

So go ahead and make your dream gluten free hamburger by Whole Foods’ burger buns! and enjoy!


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