Even books are gluten free!

Coming to a new country is not easy to adjust but coming to USA is totally different story! If you compare the groceries we have in Turkey there are ten times less choice than USA. So here I can’t decide to buy at all.

First I only bought the things that I know and familiar with it but why not buying and exploring new cuisines?

Well, if you have a celiac you cannot go crazy so easy! but if you have my new books it can help you a lot!

Triumph Dining books are very helpful to people who has celiac and they also have gluten free cards which you can bring with you to the restaurants to explain your situation. I use their cards on iPhone which is also helpful if you find somebody patient enough to read! 🙂

I think spending money for your allergies, nutrition and for your health is also worthy. So do not skip these books and just buy it.. Sometimes it can be helpful to people who make grocery shopping for you..

The restaurant guide is also good if you travel but it is only in USA. Here is the website to buy the books: http://www.triumphdining.com/

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