gluten free pizza

The hardest part of being celiac disease was avoiding many Turkish meals with wheat flour. The Lahmacun in Turkish is a meal as called Turkish pizza. It has a thin crust and made of meat and some veggies in it. The secret of Lahmacun is its oven that they make. So it is really hard to do at home… Anyway, I couldn’t do of course a Lahmacun at home but instead I made first gluten free pizza for me..

My friend from USA sent me the pizza mix to prepare the pizza. Now I started to live in USA I was happy to live in a gluten free pizza heaven. Where I live there are many places to eat gluten free pizza.

This is the first gluten free pizza I made. I used Arrowhead Gluten Free Pizza Mix and just made it with my favorite pizza ingredients.

It was with mushrooms, mozzarella cheese, tomato sauce, olives, yellow corn, arugula. It is just simple and ready to eat in 30 minutes. It was more first but of course not the least pizza!

So if you are carving for pizza you can make it easily with Arrowhead or with any other brand that has gluten free option… You can find them at Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, Amazon, GF Mall…

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