Judy’s Cafe SF

The best breakfast place in San Francisco so far I went was in Marina District. The Judy’s Cafe is an old Californian breakfast and lunch cafe. It was always pleasure for me to go there when there is sunshine in the street while we eat outside patio of the cafe.

After starting gluten free diet I went there by having second thoughts about it. But, fortunately I was lucky because the waiter helped me to order easily. They have a small menu that is why also it was easier to me to be sure about what I want.

I ordered my favorite combination of scramble eggs with spinach, feta cheese, tomatoes and avocados. Instead of choice of bread I ordered the fruit plate which is also yummy. So any of you have gluten intollerance you can check out this cafe for sure…

If we can have a nice weather soon we will definitely go there since also the neighborhood is my favorite in San Francisco. If you like to check out their menu here is their website: http://judyscafesf.com/

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