Kind Bars

I was always not too resistant to be hungry for a long time… I can’t go for hours with eating anything.. So I was always caring with me some snacks in case for my hunger.

After being in a gluten free diet I had to really carry something in order to not to be hungry because of not finding anything that does not have gluten in Turkey..

When I came to USA, the first snack bar I found was KIND bars. They are so tasty and very easy to carry. I cannot stop eating and carrying them.

My favorite is Cranberry & Almond one. It is really good to have this kind of choices where makes my life easier. Unfortunately in Turkey it was not easy finding this kind of things at all.. So any time I go to have a cup of coffee at Starbucks I also buy Kind bars which are sold in Starbucks coffee shops… Hope this is helpful to you.. for more information

Finally enjoying sunny days of California!

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