The first brand that I discovered in Berkeley was Mariposa. The whole bakery is gluten free. It is the only brand I am 100% sure that is gluten free and free of any cross contamination. As I mentioned the cross contamination issue I want to clarify that to those people who are not aware of it. Actually all the restaurants must know how to treat people with celiac disease starting with knowing the cross contamination issue…

When you prepare gluten free item you have to work in a clean pan, clean utensils and chop boards. The wood chop boards are the ones which observes the things like wheat flour so it is a no no for all of us. If a knife touched a whole wheat bread then we cannot use it unless it is really cleaned by machine or anything sterilized.

So once again I know how hard to digest this allergy we have to keep in mind all of the things when we eat out or buy food for ourselves. But Mariposa has all things for us..

The best biscotties, brownies, cakes, pastas and pizzas are ready to eat and easy to carry with you. It has now in two locations in Bay area. First one is in Oakland which is more like a cafe and it is big! the other is in Ferry Building in SF as a stand so it has less choices but still yummy…The blueberry muffin was the best gluten free muffin but unfortunately I couldn’t take a picture because I ate it so fast! For more Mariposa products visit their site:

stay tuned and have a yummy days! 🙂

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