First time writing about my gluten free life

It has been almost 2 years that I had diagnosed celiac. It was a big change for me because I was a lover of eating any kind of food and I was proud to be a person who was not picky at all.. Things were not the same at all for me. This blog may show the world how my life changed and how I learned to survive. Of course, as others like me, I am still struggling with the effects of the disease. It is not easy to learn celiac and learn how to cope with it.

Every day I learned something new. Some new blogs, some new recipes and many new products entered to my world.

Lastly, I am enjoying my life here in Berkeley,CA. I am Turkish and I was living my whole life in Turkey where allllll the food has gluten! So now I am more lucky than you think because SF and Bay area is a heaven for me and I will do my best to stay here and not to loose this luxury.

Shortly, I cannot eat grains like wheat, rye, barley and oat. I am eating mostly rice, corn and potato. The disease is not that simple but for you who are interested in gluten here is the explanation I found…

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